Soma Smart Shades 2

Soma Smart Shades 2

Soma Smart Shades 2

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Latest model. Control multiple windows and rooms from one mobile app.
Voice command and AI solar powered with faster speed!


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Automate your shades in 3 minutes – easy to set up, Android and iOS support, set daily or weekly triggers to move the shades based on time of day, sunset/sunrise or light conditions.

One solution for all blinds and shades

Smart Shades is compatible with any shade or blind that has a beaded chain or cord loop.

Control with a smartphone

Move your shades to a desired position with a slide of your finger.

Light Sense AI

Smart Shades 2 can automatically lower or raise window shades according to light conditions

Set the position for an individual blind or adjust it for a group of shades simultaneously.

Solar powered Built-in battery

Smart Shades comes with a solar panel which can be used for charging in case there is no wall socket near your window.

Alternatively, USB charging is also available. One charge is enough for a month, or you can leave the adapter connected for convenience.

What’s in the box:
  • SOMA Smart Shades 2
  • Solar panel
  • USB charging cable





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