Eve Light Strip Extension

Eve Light Strip Extension

Eve Light Strip Extension

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Eve Light Strip extension let you create more into any space and brightens it.


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Connects directly to your existing Eve Light Strip – no connector necessary.

  • 2 m / 6. 6 ft. extension to be used with Eve Light Strip
  • Connects directly to Eve Light Strip or another extension – no connector necessary
  • Cut table, bendable, and self-adhesive
  • Full-spectrum white and color thanks to premium triple-diode architecture
  • 1800 lumens for ultra-bright, whole-room ambience
1800 lumens of pure eye candy.

Premium triple-diode architecture radiates the warmest and coolest of whites. Plus a vibrant color spectrum spanning every hue you can imagine. Maximize brightness for whole-room ambience, or dim to a dreamy glow of understated elegance. Eve Light Strip epitomizes convenience and class with the most sophisticated HomeKit-enabled LED strip.

Colorize your mood.

No matter if a traditional color palette’s more your thing or you prefer gaudy colors, with Eve Light Strip you can magic up the mood that suits how you feel. Simply tap the app or ask Siri, and Eve Light Strip will light up in your chosen color.

Paint the perfect scene.

Scenes make multiple accessories work together, all upon a single command. So you can create a “Movie Night” scene that turns on Eve Light Strip in combination with your connected television, or any other connected devices you wish. You can even set your scenes to work automatically based on the time, your location, actions, and more – courtesy of your home hub.

Place it anywhere.

Enjoy the perfect lighting ambience in any room to suit any time of day. Accentuate display cabinets, shelving, mirrors, skirting boards, wall reveals, and suspended ceilings.

Do any length you want.

To shorten Eve Light Strip, use a pair of scissors to cut along an indicated trim line (approximately every 30 cm). To lengthen, simply connect additional 2 m / 6.6 ft extension strips. The maximum length to which you can extend Eve Light Strip is 10 m.


Eve Light Strip Specification
Extension Length:  2 m / 6.6 ft








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