Nanoleaf Canvas

Nanoleaf Canvas

Nanoleaf Canvas

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Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Light Panel Kit (9 Panels)
Create your masterpiece!.
Make Any Design You Want!


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Connect light squares together into any desired layout, abstract forms or your favorite shapes. Explore different panel combinations with the Layout Assistant in the Nanoleaf App or visit our Design Inspirations library.


Reacts To Your Touch

Watch the panels respond dynamically to your touch, control the lights, or even play interactive games. Try the Highlight Motion for a stunning ripple effect.


See Your Music Come to Life

Transforms your favorite songs into dancing symphonies of color and light. Try the Pop Rocks Rhythm Scene and watch your lights move to the beat.


Entertainment Beyond the Screen

The colors from your screen are reflected on your panels for an immersive experience. Use Match mode for next-level movie nights and gaming sessions.







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