Lightwave Power Starter Kit

Lightwave Power Starter Kit

Lightwave Power Starter Kit

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Lightwave Power Starter Kit (Smart Series), Stainless Steel.



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Begin your home automation adventure with the Power Starter Kit. With a Link Plus and a 2 gang smart socket you’ll have everything you need to start controlling your lamps.

Smart Series products incorporate Apple HomeKit compatibility, 2-way communication, built-in energy monitoring and more! The socket is quick and easy to DIY install and does not require extra cabling. An optional 10mm spacer is also included.

Link plus
Discover the superior integration capabilities of the Lightwave Link Plus controller.

Powering a world of smart features, the Link Plus is the core of any Lightwave smart home allowing you to control and automate your home however you like.

The Lightwave Link Plus controller seamlessly integrates with the Apple HomeKit. This allows you to control your home by activating and managing your Smart Series devices from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet using Apple HomeKit.

Beautifully designed smart sockets

Begin your home automation adventure with our stylish smart socket.

Incorporating all the great features from our Connect Series products, this model now includes Apple HomeKit compatibility, 2-way communication as well as built-in energy monitoring.

Fully 3000W rated like any other 1 gang or 2 gang socket, you can also control a Lightwave smart socket from your smartphone.


  • 3000W (13A) Smart socket
  • Control by smartphone (requires Link Plus)
  • 2-way communication: check status
  • Timers / schedule / triggers / scene lighting
  • Voice control with HomeKit / Alexa / Google• Standard wiring
  • Fits standard 35mm double back box
  • Spacer included
  • Colour customisable LED indicator
  • Lock manual buttons for safety
  • Monitor energy usage
  • RF frequency: 868MHz
  • Input rating: 230V~50Hz
  • Output rating: 3000W (13A)
  • Back box depth: 35mm
  • recommended Spacer
  • depth 10mm (7mm extra clearance)
  • Standby energy use: <1W
  • Operating temperature range: 0-30º





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