Eve Energy Strip Connected Triple Outlet

Eve Energy Strip Connected Triple Outlet

Eve Energy Strip Connected Triple Outlet

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With Eve Energy Strip,  control three outlets with the app or Siri.


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Power users rejoice.

With Eve Energy Strip, individually control three(3) outlets with the app or Siri. Sync lighting and comfort tech with your daily rhythm. Rest assured that your connected investments are protected. And easily understand energy consumption.

Crafted to absolute perfection, this isn’t only the most intelligent power strip available. It’s also the most breathtaking.


Tap or talk to control.

Sit back and simply tap your iPhone to power up your home entertainment system, ambient lamp, air purifier – any connected devices – individually or simultaneously. Better yet, summon Siri to do the switching for you. Even while you’re out, courtesy of your HomePod, HomePod mini or Apple TV.

Put appliances on autopilot.

Schedules are built into Eve Energy Strip. So you can set devices to work completely autonomously. At the same times each day to match your weekly schedule. Or at irregular times to simulate presence while you’re on vacation. All independently of your iPhone, HomePod, HomePod mini or Apple TV.

Automate via presence.

Have lights automatically turn on for the first to arrive, and off once everyone has left. It’s advanced, energy-saving automation made easy, thanks to your home hub.

Safeguard high-end electronics.

Surge protection, overcurrent protection, and overvoltage protection. Consider your most beloved devices immune to energy spikes, short circuits, excessive currents, and almost any component or grid-based fault in existence.

Exhibit the exquisite.

Flaunting a matte black chassis enveloped by a rock-solid aluminum frame. Complete with a durable 190 cm / 6.3 ft cable. Generously spaced 90-degree outlets. And manual controls sporting white LED power status indicators. Eve Energy Strip is built to impress, and slot seamlessly into your connected ecosystem.

Track power consumption.

How much power are your devices using? The Eve app visualizes total consumption by day, week, month, and year. You’ll even see the projected cost of all those watts they’re wielding. With Eve Energy Strip, knowledge truly is power.

Save energy.

Completely shut down power vampires – such as entertainment tech, kitchen gadgets, office equipment – when not in use. And rouse them effortlessly when needed. Because appliances left in standby mode account for up to 10% of household energy consumption. And saving electricity is environmentally savvy. Period.

Keep devices on lockdown.

Toddlers in the midst? Engage child lock and never miss touchdown, lose data mid-download, or have your designer lamp turn into a strobe. Exclusive control is yours – with a quick tap.


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