Eve Motion – Wireless Motion Sensor

Eve motion

Eve Motion – Wireless Motion Sensor

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Rule your home and know of the activity as it’s happening.
Control and command the perfect ambiance upon your entry and bring your home to life.


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Let your presence bring your home to life. With Eve Motion, cue the perfect ambiance upon entry, and know of activity as it’s happening.


Never fumble for switches again.

Activate your lights, media center, or any other connected devices – all at once – simply by setting foot inside your room.

Monitor while you’re away.

No one home? If movement is detected while you and your loved ones are out, your home hub will ensure that you receive a notification.

Cover any space.

Thanks to IPX3 water resistance, Eve Motion is comfortable both indoors and out. A 120-degree field of view spanning 9 meters of range gives you plenty of room to play with. And truly wireless operation permits total freedom of placement.

Fine-tune your setup.

Kids? Pets? Set Eve Motion to overlook their activity and let them wander without reserve. Or, turn up the sensor sensitivity to track their whereabouts without tailing their every move, and set scenes especially for them.

Rule your home.

Enrich scenes with powerful rules to automate accessories on your conditions. Automatically activate your “I’m home” scene in which your connected ceiling fan and ambient lighting switch on, but only after sunset. Then have everything turn off if you’re out of the room for ten minutes, provided it’s past your bedtime.


Eve Motion Specifications

Field of view: 120°
Distance: 9 m / 30 ft. max at 2 m / 6.5 ft. mounting height
Operating temperature: -18°C to +55°C (: 0°F – 130°F)
IPX 3 Certified
Reaction time: two seconds

Power:    2 x AA Replaceable Batteries

Wireless Connection:   Bluetooth Low Energy

Dimensions:     80 x 80 x 32 mm



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